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Welcome to our guest book. Here you may leave feedback on recent events and give good wishes to the many soldiers currently serving our country.

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Lauren McGurk -Nolan 1/11/2007  -  6:57:24 PM   
Jim and Family,

Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family.

Lauren, Keith,
Tyler and Riley

LCPL Pinto,Felipe 1/7/2007  -  3:39:25 PM   
Jus wanted to say thanks for your assistance.

John Shonkwiler 1/1/2007  -  9:33:26 PM   
Hey Sturla it was an honor serving with you and I'm glad you recovered strongly from your injuries. Semper Fi

John Shonkwiler

Matthew Gordon 12/24/2006  -  4:17:01 AM   
Hey Jimmy my thoughts and prayers our with you and your family during this time. You are a strong willed man and everyone is proud of you. Scott told me you went back and i thought you were crazy but your doing what u believe in. Merry christmas Matthew Gordon

Monique 12/18/2006  -  2:49:54 AM   
I would love to try attend the St Pattys day dinner please Email me with the details we live in Ohio but would love to travel to show our support

Bill 12/14/2006  -  5:56:28 PM   
i love this site.w

Rita A Phillips 11/18/2006  -  8:20:09 PM   
Jim, We, who know you in Pequannock township are very proud of the sacrifice you and the rest of our young men are doing. I am so very proud to know such a brave and courageous young man. Our thoughts and prayers are with you until you return home safely.
Mrs Phillips and Family

Cheryl Templin 11/14/2006  -  11:38:34 PM   
Words can't express the gratitude I feel in my heart for all you've done. The Lord definitely knew what He was doing when he created such a fine young man as yourself. All the sacrifice's you've made and the bravery you've shown will never go unnoticed in His eyes and in your country's minds and hearts. I pray some day to have the great honor of meeting you. God bless you and may He continue to watch over you and keep you safe and uphold you in His righteous right hand. Cheryl, Orlando, Fl

Bardorf 11/1/2006  -  9:44:11 PM   
SSgt're one hell of a Marine! I'm proud to have served with you and hope to again someday soon.
Semper Fi,
Dave Bardorf

Pamela Richmond 10/30/2006  -  3:45:24 PM   
I attended my 1st Event for Family and Friends at the Piccatiny Arsenal what a wonderful heartwarming experience. I was glad to be a part of the homecoming and even happier to share the day with my 2 small children. I want them to appreciate what the military stands for how important it is to support our troops.
God Bless Our Troops and their families

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