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Welcome to our guest book. Here you may leave feedback on recent events and give good wishes to the many soldiers currently serving our country.

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Kathy 9/8/2015  -  6:25:47 PM   
Thank you to the United States Military for keeping us safe! God Bless our Troops!

Wally & Lee Howard 1/23/2012  -  7:58:32 PM   
We are parents of an injured marine. LCpl Patrick Howard received a direct mortar hit in Ramadi, Iraq on July 18, 2006. We are blessed that he survived and is now medically retired. Since his hospital stay at Bethesda, Tampa, Orlando and Miami, he married his High School sweetheart, JoAnna and we now have a beautiful granddaughter, Hayden Marie. Our blessings and prayers to all the families who are facing the same hell (the only way to describe) we went through with our son. To our HEROES, we hope to welcome you home safe. Stay out of harms way and may God guifr you each day.
Wally and Lee Howard - Orlando, Florida

Ryan Hogan 12/29/2011  -  1:58:08 PM   
Hey Chris, this is your long now found friend Ryan Hogan in Fort Worth, Tx. I finally found you through Google and it's so good to see that you are still here and with a beautiful. I'm sure you do remember me with my crazy self. I hope that you see this message and contact me via my email address just to say hello. God bless you man and your family. HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend and a blessed one at that.

John Tipton 7/20/2010  -  7:03:10 PM   
I would just like to say thank you for your outstanding support of the troops. Being a military member myself, it means so much to know that people are always standing by to help support us while we stand tall to fight for our freedom. Thank you.

Anne 5/2/2010  -  4:48:54 PM   
God bless you and all you doing! I have 2 boys in the Marine Corps, one serving in Afganistan right now!

Don Dickey 11/19/2009  -  12:21:24 PM   
I have started a CAUSE page on Facebook to benefit this site and the people it represents. Although I can not post a link here in the guestbook I will leave my email here ( if it will let me) so you can request the link. If you are a Facebook user please search for me Don Dickey Phillipsburg,New Jersey Allentown Pa Network.

Anthony Swetala 10/1/2009  -  10:16:09 PM   
Good evening Kathy Sturla, and The Family & Friends For Freedom Fund Inc. My name is Anthony, and almost One year ago I received a letter and a check from the Kathy for One thousand dollars. At that time, my family and I were going through the deepest trenches we have ever seen. Thank God for Kathy and supporters, we recovered just in time for the holidays. The past year has still been tough, but I will never forget those crucial moments almost loosing it all. Once again, THANK YOU FAMILY AND FRIENDS FOR FREEDOM FUND INC. FOR YOUR GENEROSITY AND GRATITUDE.
Anthony Swetala

Tori lizzie and Dayna 2/27/2009  -  7:08:57 PM   
Hope Uncle Jimmy is doing ok! Dayna is my best friend she say's "hi thank you so much for serving our country!!!"lizzie says"love you and miss you"THANK YOU FOR KEEPING US SAFE FROM ALL KINDS OF DANGER.LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3******:) :) :) :) :) :) :)*******<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Uncle Greg 2/9/2009  -  5:11:06 PM   
I am very proud of your accomplishments, especially as a marine aviator. I miss seeing you guy's, it was 1994, when your grandpa died,the last time I saw my family, your Mom, my older brother , your Dad, and your older brother and sister's, at your Aunt Pattie's house. Good Luck and God be with you in all your endeavor's in life.Love you guy's.

Marie Kuipers 12/26/2008  -  9:33:50 AM   
I was trying to strack down my old friend Scott through google and facebook, and somehow my search led me here - I had no idea that the Sturla family had been through so much, it's just heartbreaking. What a wonderful thing you've done here to honor and help ALL the families of the wounded. Your cause has really touched me and I hope I can help somehow. All the best - Marie Kuipers

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